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Our Lady Of Good Counsel

Catholic Primary School


As a parent you play a vital role in helping your child in their education. Working together with the school will ensure your child achieves their potential.

As per the Home/School Agreement here are ways in which you can help your child with their education.

  1. Ensure children attend school regularly on time, appropriately dressed and ready for work by 8.50am - doors open at 8.45 am.
  2. Telephone by 9.15am if your child is going to be absent.
  3. Show by example their support for the school in all it tries to do.
  4. Support the school as we help your children to learn, grow and develop in self-discipline and self- control.
  5. Be involved in the life of the school and attend parent-teacher consultation meetings.
  6. Follow Travel to School Guidelines.
  7. Supervise your own children outside school at the start and end of the day.



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