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Our Lady Of Good Counsel

Catholic Primary School

Our Preventative Curriculum

At Our Lady's, our curriculum, school values and approach fully support the personal development of every pupil. We recognise that our role as educators is to help the children to develop their own identity and aspirations for the future. As well as academic development, we ensure children are given opportunities, through the curriculum and beyond, for personal development. We must help the children in our care to prepare for their adult lives so they can go on to engage positively in society.

Children are nurtured and encouraged to develop attributes such as cooperation, resilience and independence as well as an understanding of British values in order that they are fully prepared for life. Equality and diversity are promoted and celebrated throughout school and we work tirelessly to safeguard our children and educate and support them in making positive choices. Our aim is to prevent rather than repair.

The school follows the Leeds scheme for PSHE which gives the children opportunities to: explore values, learn about keeping themselves safe, relationship awareness, economic awareness, online safety, cultural capital and mental health. This is supported with our RSE scheme and various other workshops, visitors and professionals. Some are listed below:

D: side

D:Side is a comprehensive drug and alcohol education programme that encourages children to make positive and healthy life-choices whilst promoting a pro-active attitude to life. They focus on delivering the children's knowledge, skills and attitude whilst equipping them with the appropriate life skills to successfully manage sensitive situations with peers and encourage a positive approach to life.  Each year group receives a workshop on an area related to drugs and new knowledge is gained as the children progress through school.  The company also deliver Online Safety sessions to the children in Key Stage Two.


Different feelings & emotions / Taking care of our body / Medicine chat.

Year 1:        

How our body works / Healthy lunchboxes / Medicine chat / Exercise and rest.

Year 2:           

How we are different to our friends / How our body works / Being special.

Year 3:          

Smoking and effects on the body / What is in a cigarette / Passive Smoking / Why People Smoke?

Year 4:         

Alcohol and effects on the body / Alcoholic drinks / Why people do or don’t drink / Role play.

Year 5:         

Solvents / Vaping/ Volatile Substances and effects on the body / Risk Taking / Safe and unsafe household products / Keeping safe.

Year 6:          

Drugs and effects on the body / Drug discussion / Drug Goggle.



Pol-Ed is a West Yorkshire Police education programme, written by teachers for teachers in schools across West Yorkshire. Its purpose is to keep children safe by developing their understanding of risks, consequences and the law and to develop their resilience and ability to help and support each other. All children are potentially at risk and all children deserve to know how to protect themselves, to understand the benefits of supporting each other and to know how to get help if they need to. Pol-Ed aims to support teachers in developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes in their children which they need in order to make positive choices in potentially challenging or dangerous situations. It encourages them to become active thinkers and supportive bystanders to their friends within school, and the wider community.

Leeds United Primary Choices

The Leeds United Primary Choices programme is an early Intervention project to help reduce risks associated with Anti-Social Behaviour, supporting every Year 6 pupil in Leeds City.

Through the Primary Choices workshops, the children are provided with information on the impact of crime and violence and supported in making the right choices to divert them away from violence, harm, and exploitation. The whole year groups receives workshops which cover a variety of themes and topics around choice making, including Anti-Social Behaviour, Knife Crime and Gang Affiliation.  Individuals identified by the school and relevant partner organisations, receive fyrther intervention with spotlights on anti-social behaviour, challenges with attendance, attainment and behaviour and making positive choices as they transition to high school. 


As well as our computing curriculum addressing esafety, the school always takes part in the national esafety days and anti-bullying weeks. The children are taught how to be SMART on line and constant reminders through lessons, assemblies and occasional guest speakers like d:side and the NSPCC.

Rock Kidz

Rock Kidz On Tour gives Primary Schools around the country the opportunity to learn important life lessons in a fun way through high energy rockstar workshops. At Our Lady's we have previously had workshops on respect and diversity, perseverance, dreams and aspirations and in November 2023 we are booked in for anti-bullying and relationships.