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Our Lady Of Good Counsel

Catholic Primary School


 Our Governors work tirelessly to maintain the high standards we have at Our Lady's.  

The Governing Body of any school is in place to provide both support and challenge the leadership team in the way the school is led and managed and to provide the best possible education to every pupil in the school - our Governing Body is no exception.

Our Governors do not tend to get involved with the daily running of the school but their expectations are exceptionally high in terms of the way the leadership team carry out their roles and responsibilities. It is the role of the Governors to work with the school leaders on the strategic planning and thinking ahead; they also ask questions and are well informed about every aspect of school life. 

Our Governors provide support and challenge in equal measure thanks to their excellent knowledge of the school and the policies and practices. The skill set of our Governing Body is also a strength of our school - we have people who work in the following professions: finance, HR, child minding, ex-teachers, law, coaching and mentoring and in the medical profession. When combined, all of this experience simply enhances the strategic running of our school.

Our Governors share the vision and ambition of the leadership team for the children at Our Lady's to be the best they can possibly be both academically and socially and emotionally. They agree that the children are at the heart of everything we do at Our Lady's. The Governors are always welcome to come into school but at the beginning of each academic year we plan three full days in school so that the Governors can come and spend time with the staff and the children - these days are incredibly valuable for everyone. Governors are invited to attend staff meetings, staff training, visits from external consultants, they attend some pupil progress meetings and performance management to name a few.

Governors are volunteers who give a significant amount of time over the course of the year to helping the school be the best it can possible be. They are part of the biggest volunteer workforce in the country and we thank them for their time and efforts.

For more detailed information about the members of the Governing Body, please see the Statutory Governance Information at the bottom of this page, alternatively click on the blue box to the left. Below is a short summary.

Below you can find the responsibilities of each Governor and details of which  sub-committees they are members of.

Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School Governing Board
Model Policy On Paying Governors’ Expenses

School Governor Information 2022-2023



Term of Office Ends




Catherine Healey


EYFS; SEN; Early Reading Teaching and Learning; Head Teacher Performance Management None
Cecilia Curry



Religious Life Pupil support None

Kath Walpole


LA Governor

Complaints; Training  Resources; Teaching and Learning; Pay Review; Head Teacher Performance; Management Pupil Support None
Fr Craig Fitzpatrick
Parish Priest
15/02/2026     Governor at St Nicholas Catholic Primary School
Kieran Sykes
 Awaiting Reappointment Health and Safety Resources None
Jonathan Gibbons
Foundation  19/6/27
Child Protection; Children Looked After and Pupil Premium Resources Headteacher at Holy Name Catholic School, Leeds
Anne Campbell Foundation
Teaching and Learning None
Stephanie Flaherty Headteacher
All None
Katie Casson Staff Governor
Teaching and Learning None
Amanda Jahdi Clerk
Current vacancies: parent governor x2, foundation governor