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The safeguarding of our children is paramount. The on-line world we live in today poses many dangers to its users. Through regular teaching and reinforcement, E-Safety is at the forefront of our Computing curriculum and school measures to ensure our children are safe on-line.


What is E-Safety?

  • E-Safety concerns safeguarding children and young people in the digital world.
  • E-Safety emphasises learning to understand and use new technologies in a positive way.
  • E-Safety is less about restriction and more about education about the risks as well as the benefits so we can feel confident on-line.
  • E-Safety is concerned with supporting children and young people to develop safer online behaviours both in and out of school.

Principles of E-Safety

  • E-safety is about educating and empowering children to use and enjoy the internet safely.
  • E-Safety is about raising awareness of the risks with teachers and adults whose job it is to educate children.
  • E-Safety includes the governance within an establishment that has a responsibility for children.
  • E-Safety is not about computers or technology – it is about SAFEGUARDING.

On-line Risk

Children are at a much greater risk of harm when using the internet. There are several dangers that children must be aware of and have a solid understanding of what to do should they feel in danger. Our school motto is 'See something, say something'. This encourages the children to inform any adult in school about any dangers or concerns they have about others and themselves. 

Dangers could include:

  • Cyber bullying 

    Cyber bullying is when a child or young person is tormented, threatened, harassed or humiliated by another child or young person using the internet or other technology.

  • On-line Grooming
  • Internet Predators
  • Racial Hatred
  • Identify theft

How does the school keep my child safe?

The school's internet service provider has a very strong firewall and filtration system. This blocks any dangerous or threatening content from being accessed in school. No social media sites can be accessed in school.

The school has a system in place where anything inappropriate that is typed is recorded and and a screen shot of the offence is captured and sent to the school's technician. Any issues and concerns are passed on to the Computing Coordinator or the Senior Leadership Team do be dealt with appropriately.

E-Safety is built into the curriculum in every year group, starting from Foundation Stage. Alongside these sessions, school pays for D-Side to visit school annually to deliver children friendly E-Safety Training to every year group.


Reporting a Concern

Children are encouraged to report any concerns they have to any member of staff (all staff undergo regular training and are fully aware of our policies).  As parents, if you have any concerns regarding e-safety please speak to the class teacher, the SLT or send a dojo message. Alternatively, please report any issue in the form below. 

E-Safety Concern

Please report any concerns you may. They will be investigated immediately.