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Our Lady Of Good Counsel

Catholic Primary School


Prayer is an integral part of the school day at Our Lady’s and all children are invited to participate in their own personal way. We strive to help our children to value and recognise the importance and power of prayer. Prayer is an essential part of the Catholic life of our school as we put our mission statement into practice. Children are taught traditional prayers and they are introduced to a variety of ways to pray allowing them to spontaneously express their praise and thanks to God.

Our School Prayer

Dear God our Father,  

We pray that in our school we will work together as a family of God, and that with Jesus we will love, learn and enjoy.


Morning Prayer

Father in Heaven, you love me,

You’re with me night and day.

I want to love you always

In all I do and say.

I’ll try to please you, Father.

Bless me through the day.




Grace Before Meals

Bless us, O God, as we sit together.

Bless the food we eat today.

Bless the hands that make the food.

Bless us, O God.


Grace After Meals

Thank you, God,

for the food we have eaten.

Thank you, God

for all our friends.

Thank you, God,

for everything.

Thank you, God.



Night Prayer

God our Father, I come to say

Thank you for your love today.

Thank you for my family,

And all the friends you give to me.

Guard me in the dark of night,

And in the morning send your light.