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Our Lady Of Good Counsel

Catholic Primary School




'When we read, we are able to travel to many places, meet many people and understand the world' - Nelson Mandela

 At Our Lady's Catholic Primary School, it is our intent that children will read widely at school and at home; for pleasure, for information and to expand and enhance their knowledge and understanding across all subjects. Children are immersed in a rich and diverse reading curriculum where staff expertly model reading skills as well as introducing them to a wide range of quality texts. Our intent is to not only inspire and stimulate the imaginations of the children we teach, but also to enhance their knowledge of the world in which they live thus enabling them to thrive in the next phase of their education and beyond. 



At Our Lady's Catholic Primary School, it is our intent that writing across the curriculum will inspire, engage and challenge all pupils, enabling them to develop the skills to effectively communicate their thoughts, ideas and emotions to others. Through an immersive approach to the teaching of writing, we surround our children with high quality literature, creating writing opportunities and purposeful speaking and listening tasks.





Below are the non-negotiables we set for each year group in English. We believe children need to be confident with these areas of learning by the end of each year group if they are to succeed the following year.


We promote a love of reading throughout school in many different ways. We know that supporting children to find the right book for them can be tricky! Have a look below to see 'recommended reads' for each year group