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Our Lady Of Good Counsel

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Virtues to Live By

“Virtues to Live By” is a resource created by the Diocese of Leeds which we follow at Our Lady’s. This resource seeks to support children’s virtue literacy and growth in particular virtues or excellences of character.

“Virtues to Live By” enables us all to explore each virtue over a three-week period (two per half term) to improve the school community’s virtue literacy and to deepen understanding and appreciation of the essential role that virtues play in the education of the whole person towards human flourishing. The virtues chosen are common across cultures and faiths but are sourced from the Christian tradition. They are linked directly to work in the Diocese of Leeds on virtues and character education ( dioceseofleeds.org.uk/education/re-catholic-life/character-education).

At Our Lady’s, we focus on one virtue for three weeks at a time. The children think about what the virtue means, how we can see it in others and how we can manifest it in ourselves. Each week, two certificates are given to two children in each class in Friday's Praise Assembly to a child who has 'lived' the virtue across the week. During the week, acts of worship and circle times take place in each class which link to the virtue. Each class keeps a floor book showing the ways we have lived out each virtue.

The virtues have been chosen to reflect the time of year. So, for example, we have 'respect and courtesy' at the beginning of the year when we are setting out our expectations, charity and forgiveness during the season of Lent, and patience during Advent when we are waiting for the coming of Jesus at Christmas.

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