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Interactive Maths

Interactive maths allows you to practice your maths skills in a fun and enjoyable way. 


More programmes will be loaded up in due course.


   Click to turn over a card on the top row, then count the spots on the ladybird to work out the doubles. Click a card on the bottom row to try and find a match. Maths-games.org
 Click next to start and an addition sum will appear at the top of the screen. When you click on the correct answer, an Egyptian mummy will come out and dance. The picture on the left links to the adding up to 10 version. There's also a game for adding up to 20. ICT Games.
   At the top of the screen you can choose to work on number bonds up to any total between four and ten. Drag the correct length of pipe into place to complete the number bond, then the water will flow and free the trapped whale. ICT Games.
   You have a choice of 3 levels and you can decide whether to add two numbers or three. You have to add the amounts (in whole pounds) and type in the total before your time runs out. BBC Skillswise.
   In this game you have to add the two numbers below to build up the pyramid. You can choose from easy, medium or hard levels. If you score 1000 pyramid points you can open the mummy's tomb. This game was designed by a Year 4 pupil at Ambleside Primary School!