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The Curriculum at Our Lady's

The curriculum is organised so as to provide the children with their full entitlement to the requirements of the National Curriculum (N.C.) in an atmosphere filled with the Gospel Spirit encapsulated in the School’s Mission Statement. The curriculum is organised in such a way that there is full coverage of the N.C. at a level best suited to the age and ability of the children.

There are three Key Stages in a primary school. The first relates to the Nursery and Reception years and is called The Early Years. What used to be called infants is called Key Stage 1 or KS1 and the junior years are called Key Stage 2 or KS2.  At the end of KS1 (Year 2) and KS2 (Year 6) there are Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs).  These are national assessments upon which judgements are made about the school.

Our Lady’s School aims to teach a broad and balanced curriculum and we also teach  an English and a maths lesson most days.  The teachers plan from a topic-based curriculum which is subject focused.  We encourage first hand learning experiences and visits to enhance the children’s learning.

The Staff and Governors have approved policies for each subject   Copies are available from school. We invest a lot of time and thought into planning lessons and making sure that the environment and atmosphere of the school encourages learning.  

Children are taught in class groups. At times, individual pupils or small groups are withdrawn from class to work on interventions to help close any gaps between them and their peers.

Maths, English and science are the called core subjects and are taught using the National Curriculum. Each year groups has specific topics and objectives to cover. The National Curriculum documents for maths, English and science are available to download here.

Please click on the links below to download our long term plans for each year group. Details of each topic to be covered each half term, in each subject, will be made fully available in each year's Class Page via their half termly newsletter. Teachers have a greater freedom with the new curriculum, this is evident in the wide range of topics and skills that the children will be learning during their time at 'Our Lady's'.




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Year 6



Supporting Teaching and Learning

At Our Lady's, we use a wide range of software and resources to support your child's learning. These include;

Purple Mash

Class Dojo

Timestable Rockstars

Ed Shed

Phonics Play 

To develop your child's reading we use The Oxford Reading Tree scheme and we use the Letters and Sounds program to teach our EYFS and KS1 children phonics.


Please contact your child's teacher if your require your child's password for any of the above links.