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Residential Updates

We will aim to update this page each evening directly from Malham. However, if we are unable to do this, the staff at school will provide updates on how well the children are getting on.


Monday 29th June

As soon as we arrived at the hostel, we dropped off our bags and listened to our Activity Leader, Phil, who explained the rules of the youth hostel. Then we were off!!!


We began walking towards the face of the cove. We crossed the ford using a clapper bridge and entered the National Trust park towards the cove. On our way, we saw Hangman's Hill, a deterrent to those who try to steal the farmer's sheep.


At the face of the cove, we had our picnic and had the opportunity to look at the peregrine falcons through telescopes provided by the RSPB. Once this was done, the journey up 412 steps to the scene of Harry Potter began.  This proved a challenge but we did it!


Next, we returned to the  hostel for refreshments.  Before tea was ready, we made our fossil casts and learnt how to weave! We then moved into the dining room for our delicious dinner.


The evening has consisted of learning our talent challenges and playing out for several hours! We can't wait for tomorrow.