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dylan mcquade(about a year ago)

the roman theartere was built in 140 AD

Stanley Morton(about a year ago)

In 140 AD the Antonine Wall was built up north

Luisa Levine(about a year ago)

in 140AD the Romans added another wall called the Antonine Wall

Lucie Moisey(about a year ago)

For my final answer for my homework is in 140AD the Romans added another wall further north. It's called the Antonine wall. I liked this homework.

Skye griffin(about a year ago)

in 14AD the romans added another wall further north.Its called the Antonine.

Sheridan Duffield(about a year ago)

The Roman theatre of verulamium was built in 140ad

alessandro proietti(about a year ago)

the last Question 9 is Antonine Wall was built in 140AD

Izobella woodley(about a year ago)

In 140AD, the Romans built another wall further north called Antonine wall.

Harley Rowland - Holmes(about a year ago)

9. Antonine wall was built in 140AD.

Nathaniel Groves(about a year ago)

In the year 140AD the Roman's built a wall called the Antonine wall

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