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Year 4 Photographs

Welcome to Year 4

Chocolate Tasting

As an introduction to our topic for the first term, we tasted 6 different types of chocolate. These ranged from milk chocolate to 85% coco. 

Multiskills with the Leeds Rhinos

During the first half term, the children are working hard to develop their motor skills with expert training from the Leeds Rhinos Foundation. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their weekly sessions.

Science - Solids behaving like liquids

Lenten Fundraising

The children raised a massive £185 with the wet sponge fundraiser. As a reward they were allowed to throw wet sponges at me! Some children enjoyed that part a little too much!!!

Skipping Festival

What a fantastic day we had at the skipping festival! We won so many awards it was unbelievable. This year was our highest finish ever! Well done everyone!

Puppet Making

The children have worked extremely hard designing, making and evaluating their puppets. They worked really hard to master the tricky needle skills. We had some fantastic puppets by the end of the topic.

Sam, the Music Man

We learnt about how sound is created and how we can change the pitch and volume of sound.