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Nursery Photographs

What a busy time at Nursery!


Autumn Term: Sept-Dec 2014

We are delighted with the way  our children in Nursery have settled this       term:-they are familiar with our routines, they are able to share, take turns and are always keen to participate in all that we do at Nursery.



Spring Term One: Jan- Feb 2015

Bears, bears and more bears!!! A whole half term of bears...

We helped rescue a lonely bear and he is now our friend. We have been on a bear hunt, whooshed up to the moon with Baby Bear, met Goldilocks, made porridge like Mummy Bear and brought our own bears in for a picnic prepared by us.


Spring Term Two: Feb-Apr 2015

Some new arrivals came to Nursery, we watched very carefully for any changes and took good care of the newly hatched chicks.

Summer Term One: Apr-May 2015

What fun we have had learning about fabulous Fairy tales! We have helped Prince Charming, Cinderella, Jack and the Giant. We planted some magic beans and guess what... a beanstalk grew up to the ceiling. Mr Church helped us to find out what was at the top of the beanstalk, some golden coins for us to share.

We have really enjoyed exploring the life cycle of a frog and looking for changes in the frogspawn.

Summer Term Two:June-July 2015

We can't believe it's the last half term of the year. We still have lots of learning to do, we are going to be exploring our outside area and find out about the mini beasts that live there.